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R.E.D Journals is proud to be the FIRST EVER automated, modern, online love journal for couples. R.E.D Journals is built to help couples REMEMBER why they fell in love, EDIFY their relationship, and help strengthen their DEVOTION to one another. When members sign up, couples will each get two relationship building questions every Monday and Friday. Once answered, their spouse will also be notified. All answers and questions are compiled into a beautiful customizable digital PDF and stored for couples to keep, share and read forever.

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Journals Process

  • Sign Up
    Sign up you and your spouse for one monthly price
  • Get Notified
    Get notified through Email & SMS when it is time to answer your questions
  • Answer Questions
    Answers will be recorded and stored in your first R.E.D journal
  • Build Relationship
    R.E.D journals will help edify, uplift and bring you and your spouse closer than ever

Customer Testimonials


We are so glad that we signed up for R.E.D Journals. There are so many thought-provoking questions that really made us ponder. These questions reminded us about the reasons we love each other. Life has been busy for us lately and it has been fun to think about each other in ways we forgot or neglected. Although we have never really struggled in our marriage this has still made our love for each other stronger. I highly recommend it for any couple. The love is there, sometimes you just have to be reminded of why and how the love started.

Brendan & Amanda Charles

Our lives have been crazy with work, college, and our baby girl. R.E.D. Journals helped us take a step back from everything and remember why we fell in love. It's really helped us keep perspective.

Sofia & Jake Haynie

We loved filling out the R.E.D Journal prompts and then reading what the other person had written. It helped us remember the good things about our relationship and the reason we fell in love in the first place.

Jake & Rose Whitney

R.E.D Journals has been an awesome addition to our marriage. Getting the questions every Monday and Friday was always something we looked forward to. It's something that is so small but has made such a great impact on our marriage for the few months we have had it. Would definitely recommend it!

Dania & Tyler Janson

Our Mission

In 2014 we started a love journal not knowing it would save our marriage 5 years later. We nearly became another divorce statistic and broken family. Becoming distant, heartbroken, and ready to give up, we both knew that things needed to change for our marriage to work. Reading over our love journal brought back the passion, selflessness, and devotion we had for one another. Because of the impact our love journal had on our marriage, we wanted to create a modernized and convenient way for couples to record memories, feelings, and future goals to reflect on forever. R.E.D journals are for new, broken and fulfilling marriages. Our mission is to help keep couples and families strong by strengthening the love, passion, and devotion for each other.

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